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We’re doubling 1 refund per week. 12 chances to win!

Worked in NZ during the last 5 years? Then there’s a good chance you’re due a tax refund. We make the process easy, so you get to the fun part faster: spending your refund.

Want to find out if there’s a guilt-free shopping trip or fun holiday with your name on it?

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Refunds under $20 Free
Refunds $20–50 $5 fee
Refunds over $50 18% fee *

* Minimum $18, maximum $500; Full T&Cs

Apply Now and You Could Double Your Refund

We’re doubling one 2014 refund per week! The sooner you apply, the more chances you have to win.
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If you don’t have a tax
refund we won’t process,
so you won’t pay. Phew.

Average Tax Refund for 2013


…and our biggest
so far was $42,127.
How much fun could
you have with that?

Double-refund Winner

Congratulations to Robert from Wellington, week 4 winner of “Double Your Refund”.


If you received income from rental properties or self-employment,
you need

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